Kaimana Brand Motion

Kaimana formed from the merging of Redland, Republic, Pixels and Reason in 2022. I was responsible for creating the motion graphics for the new brand. Kaimana translates as ‘the power of the sea’, and so the motion is also based on the movement of waves and the fluidity of water. The goal was to have a varied and interesting range of different visual styles for the motion, similar to the brand itself, while tying it together by using the logo shape as a recurring motion element.

Brand Launch Video


Astetta Alemmas Campaign

Energy conservation campaign by the finnish government. In my role as a graphic designer, I was responsible for the production of a wide variety of media from newspaper covers to videos and animations.

Read more about the case


MAUNO - Animation

An animated informative ad for MAUNO, which is a course for people working with immigrant integration. This was mostly a solo project, where based on the customer's voiceover script I created a storyboard and produced the animation. The customer had created a visual style for the course illustrations, which the animation had to adapt and follow.

The most challenging thing about this project was designing the animation to be fast to produce yet still be dynamic and interesting, as the budget was pretty low and I had multiple other ongoing projects during this.

See the full animation here


Motion Experiments

On my free time I sometimes like to experiment with motion graphics – to try out new techniques or just to get free rein to creatively express myself.

Motion Experiments


Peps App Promo Animation

An animation project outlining the idea of the Peps app, a social running app. This was a solo project from writing the voiceover script to storyboarding, character design, animation and sound. I was also the visual designer of the app itself, and built the website.

Motion in UI

My graduation project, exploring the use of motion in UI, with the focus on increasing usability. You can read the whole thing here, however it's only in Finnish. For my portfolio I've condensed some of the main uses of motion in some example animations.

Motion In UI Examples


This Portfolio Site

Rather than use a CMS, which would've been faster and yielded a better result, I decided to practice my front end coding skills by building my portfolio myself with next.js. So if things seem a little janky, now you know why.

CV & Contact

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